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Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu, Centrum Symulacji Medycznej

Zdjęcie: Maciej Lulko
Zdjęcie: Maciej Lulko
Zdjęcie: Maciej Lulko
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Zdjęcie: Maciej Lulko
Zdjęcie: Maciej Lulko
Zdjęcie: Maciej Lulko
Zdjęcie: Maciej Lulko
Zdjęcie: Maciej Lulko

Zusammenspiel von alt und neu

The Medical Campus of the University of Wrocław is a traditional location built at the end of the 19th century in neo-gothic style, and was once among the most modern institutions in the country. With its central position on the campus axis and the chimney as a vertical landmark, the simulation centre forms an important reference point within the historical complex. The whole historical structure of the building has been maintained in the modernisation process and extended by only a few modern building elements. 

All the new elements are characterised by the material of corten steel, which makes a contrast to the historical building stock on the one hand, and through its colouring represents a subtle complement to the brick façade, on the other. The listed building today houses one of the most modern educational institutions in medical teaching in Poland. Students learn and deepen the practical application of their medical knowledge with the aid of electronically controlled patient-replica dolls.

Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu
marzec 2018
Architekturpreis der Stadt Breslau 2019 „Piękny Wrocław”, Sonderpreis für die Modernisierung eines historischen Objektes

SARP Preis 2019 (Vereinigung Polnischer Architekten), Anerkennung Kategorie „Bauen im Bestand/Revitalisierung“
Zakres usług
fazy projektu 1 - 5
Künstlerische Oberleitung
fazy projektu 8
Powierzchnia całkowita
3.800 m²
powrót do projektów