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Wiedza w mieście: Otwarcie nowej Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Marburgu

Philipps University of Marburg, Niemcy
Main Library

From 19 March 2018 on, the library will be available for the users. The official opening will follow on 30 April 2018.

As a construction of the century, the project was designated at the laying of the foundation stone. Between the Elisabeth church, the historic botanical garden and the medieval city centre, 1,250 modern workplaces maintain the liveliness of the city and bring science back to the city centre. During ongoing operation, 3.2 million media with an estimated total length of approx. 55 km were put on the shelves in recent weeks. The new library costs 120 million EUR and offers study terraces, and cabins, team lounges and reading zones. Through the spherical curved glass roof in the atrium is a new visual networking with the idyllic environment for all Marburg citizens and users created.

sinning architekten, Darmstadt

ARGE Uni-Bibliothek Marburg
sinning architekten Darmstadt, 
Heinle Wischer und Partner 
Freie Architekten

Team: Thomas Heinle (odpowiedzialny Partner), Tobias Maschke (kierownik projektu), Sibylle Stiehler, Tim Arnhold, Annette Fiebig, Esther Güthoff-Pille, Doris Krian, René Mikschofsky, Nicole Schuchardt, Kerstin Till u.a.; nadzór nad realizacją: Florian Fahr, Ingo Leypold, Yorck Rentsch, Mehmet Coskun, Gerhard Wack u.a.